Kamis, 06 Oktober 2011

contoh surat pribadi dalam bahasa inggris

Dear ,,,,Vera

     Hi. How are you,,? I hope you very well there . I had something to tell you , it’s a good news . did you know two weeks ago I attended a national exam. I graduated with the best value in school. because I also value the awarded prize Persianmale cat very funny. I named the cat mity. By the way I am sorry because when I did not give you your 14th birthday congratulation. but do not worryI've sent you a gift that is very you like. This gift would not be forgotten. but I would not say what it presents.
       so that’s all . Don’t forget I'm waiting for a reply from you


  Your friend


contoh surat pribadi dalam bahasa inggris

     Dear Tary,,

Hello, how are you? I hope you are fine and health ! You see me here too healthy and fine 
Er, dance next month I want to go to my grandmother home there, so I could also stop by your house. I miss you all the same and I also want to see things your dog. 
How was your dog? What fine, your dog must have been great, because I have not seen your dog. 
Thank God I got here and won one in the class .how about you, what you also get a champion? 
So first my letter, I was hoping for a reply letter from you, 

That’s all and thank you……


                            By : Narti Rajak