Rabu, 02 April 2014

Tentang Spoof

Generic Structure (Susunan umum) dalam spoof text adalah :
  1. Orientation, berisi pengenalan tokoh, latar, setting dll.
  2. Events, berisi peristiwa atau kejadian
  3. Twist, bagian akhir cerita (yang dianggap lucu, kadang tidak terduga)
contoh spoof:
Sandara want Distro T-shirt

Sandara one day called her grandmother who are outside the city. she wanted to buy the shirt in distros as souvenirs.
2 days later his grandmother returned home.
Sandara very happy because grandma was home.
"grandma, I'm glad you're back, did you buy my t-shirts?"
"Of course! grandma bought you the latest model!"
"Really? Can I take it now?"
"yes, here you are" grandma give shirts to Sandara
a few minutes later Sandara become moody.
grandma asked "why do you look like that, but that a very nice shirt"
"I know that, but I want that shirt in the distros, not a T-shirt that reads distros

 Time answer
teacher was very confused, why among all students. Only Nana which did not doing the exam.
then teacher asked
Nana "did you finish your exam?"
"no maam" replied nana
"Are you waiting for an answer from your friend?"
"no maam"
the teacher asked again "so, why you have not completed your exam?"
"Let the time to answer it!"
that Nana went out of the classroom