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Aladin Short story

Once upon a time there lived a poor tailor, who had a son named Aladdin. Aladdin was a very careless boy who did nothing rather than playing all the time. One day, when Aladdin was playing near his house an old man came and asked “Are you Aladdin? You look just like your father. I am your uncle and I had been living in a far-off country since a long time.” In this way he befriended Aladdin.

But the truth was that this strange man was not his uncle but a wicked magician, who wanted to make use of the boy's services. The very next day the magician took Aladdin to a beautiful garden outside the town. They travelled a long distance until they reached two mountains divided by a narrow valley. The magician lighted a fire there and threw into some powder on it. He used to repeat few strange words while putting that powder on the fire.

Then the ground below them opened and a stone trap-door came in view. Aladdin was very scared seeing all this. The magician calmly lifted the trap-door and told Aladdin not to fear, but obey him. He also told Aladdin that under this stone there is huge treasure for him so he must do exactly as he is told. He further said; go down there you will find an open door leading into three large halls. Go through them without touching anything. These halls lead into a garden of fine fruit trees. Walk on till you see a lighted lamp. Blow the lamp out, pour out the oil it contains, and bring the lamp to me."

Aladdin went through the door he found everything as the Magician had told him. He also found the lamp. As he came back through the garden, his eyes were astonished with the lovely fruits on the trees. He plucked a few of them and kept in his pocket. Then he returned with the Lamp at the steps. "Give me the Lamp," said the magician.” “No first pull me up” cried Aladdin. The Magician angrily, closed the trap-door and went back home. Aladdin was shut inside.

Aladdin sat down and started crying. The lamp was in his hands. By mistake the lamp got rubbed by his hands and a huge person appeared. He said “Hello master, I am the genie of the lamp. I am your servant and you are my master. Tell me what I can do for you.” “I just want to go back home said Aladdin”. In an instant Aladdin found himself at home. He told everything to his father. The father in curiosity rubbed the lamp. The Genie of the Lamp came again, and asked for the commands. They asked for some good food, and their wish was fulfilled within a second. Soon they became rich and wealthy.

One day, when Aladdin was out he saw the beautiful princess ‘Bulbul’. Aladdin fell in love with her. So Aladdin’s mother went to the king and asked for his daughters’ hand. The king was quite amazed with the wealth of Aladdin so he accepted the proposal. Soon Aladdin and Bulbul got married. Aladdin then ordered the Lamp Genie to build a superb Palace, and the young couple lived there quite happily for some time.

The wicked Magician heard about Aladdin’s wonderful palace so he went in search of him. When he reached the palace Aladdin was not there. He turned himself into a lamp seller and shouted "New lamps for old ones”. When the young princess heard this she went down to exchange the old lamp of Aladdin. The magician gave him a lovely new lamp for that old magic lamp.

The magician soon asked the Genie to transport the palace and princess Bulbul to Africa. When Aladdin came to know about all this he decided to go Africa to find the princess. And he was successful after a long journey. The Princess was rejoiced to see him again. Aladdin gave her powerful sleeping-tonic to Bulbul and asked her to pour it into the magician’s wine at dinner. The magician never refused Bulbul for anything so when she offered him the glass of wine then he took it easily. After drinking the wine he fell sound asleep. Then Aladdin came and took his lamp. He called the Genie and ordered him to take them back to their land. Aladdin and Bulbul lived in the palace happily forever…

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