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Limonu Mighty

Once, in the Gorontalo area, there is a handsome and gallant young man named Limonu. His father had been killed in a battle when he was still in his mother's womb called Ohihiya. Therefore, since childhood he cared for and educated by his mother alone. When growing up, Limonu incorporated into the existing martial arts clubs in the area. From there Limonu can master the basics of martial arts.
One day, heard the news that the characters or the martial arts warriors from the north will hold a meeting in Fort Otanaha. During the meeting, a famous martial arts warrior named Hemuto will try out science high silatnya once held the inaugural ceremony for the martial arts warrior who has graduated. Hearing the news, Limonu intend to attend this meeting to learn from the Hemuto. It was his intention to convey to his mother.
Mother Limonu stunned for a moment. Hearing the name Hemuto, he became reminded of her husband and son who had died Thighs. Feelings of trauma because of the events that befall the two men whom she loved many years ago it was so hard he had to lose. Because the feeling is, if he is not willing to be a disciple of his beloved son Sir Hemuto. But on the other hand, he did not want it known by Limonu event. Therefore, he tries to give other reasons for Limonu not attend the meeting.
"Limoto, my son! Is not the meeting was only attended by the fighters that have been selected? We recommend only niatmu undo it. You have to practice more and memantangkan first silatmu science. After that, you can just follow the inaugural ceremony at Pak Hemuto association, "said Empress Ohihiya to his son.
Although her mother had tried to prevent it, Limonu still insisted on attending the meeting and wish to be a disciple of Mr. Hemuto. Limonu hard work it could not be stopped so that the empress Ohihiya have to give up his son's wishes.
The next day, when it grew dark, the characters begin to pack the place of martial arts in Fort Otanaha meeting. Meanwhile, Limonu newly arrived at the meeting will start straight into a meeting room to find a seat next to you seperguruannya. Once seated, he watched one at a martial arts leaders and invited guests. Once met with Hemuto view, it is subject to a salute. Mr. Hemuto also responded with a smile and then walked Limonu.
"Hi, young man! Who are you and from where? "Asked Mr. Hemuto.
"I Limonu Pak, residents in the vicinity of this fort," replied Limonu smiled and saluted.
"Oh yes, Limonu, if I may know what is the point coming into this event without being invited?" Mr. Hemuto again asked.
Hearing the question, any express intent Limonu presence at the show that he wanted to sit to Mr. Hemuto.
Hemuto Limonu just silent, looking with great interest. Apparently, he admired the young man's stature and courage to his eye. During this time, he rarely finds a brave young man. Therefore, Hemuto attracted to him the disciples for the sake of strengthening the death squads that will be formed. Finally, on another occasion, Mr. Hemuto expressed willingness to accept Limonu become his disciple in the hope that a brave young man will become the successor to his leadership.
What a happy heart because of his wish fulfilled by Limonu Pak Hemuto. Since then, Limonu be a disciple of Mr. Hemuto. He was very diligent practice and quickly mastered all the knowledge taught to him so that the more days the ability of science to match science teacher silatnya. Hemuto even more amazed at the courage and perseverance Limonu. Not surprisingly, regarded as the beloved disciple Limonu Hemuto.
One afternoon, when Limonu was busy cleaning the relics of his father's dagger in the yard, her mother suddenly came to him.
"Limonu, my son! There's something I want to tell you, "said his mother.
"What, Mom? It seems very important, "said Limonu while stopping their activities.
"We recommend that you save the first dagger. After that, then I'll tell you, "said his mother.
"Well, ma'am," answered Limonu keris while inserting into the sheath and put it in a carved teak box and then immediately put it in the room.
Returning back of the room, Limonu sitting beside her mother.
"There is no hell, Mom? Tell me, Limonu ready to hear it, "said Limonu curious.
"Limonu, my son. Now you're an adult. It is time for Mom to open this secret to you. Mother is not strong anymore bear this heavy burden, "he said.
"The secret of what, Mom?" Asked Limonu more curious.
Consort Ohihiya even tell you all about the father Limonu ranging from his position as ruler of the country until his desire to be king in two regions of the mainland of the West Mainland and the North Mainland.
"When you're still in the womb mother, your father is the ruler of this country. One time, your father wants to master the North Mainland area under the power Hemuto. My mother had advised him, but your father does not want the attack and become involved in a battle between the forces of West Mainland and the North Mainland. In that battle, killed your father and brother followed later Thighs that at the time as head of Brave Troops Dead, "explained the mother Limonu.
"So, who killed his father and brother Hams, Mom?" Asked Limonu curious.
Consort Ohihiya only heaved a deep breath. For him really hard to tell this to her beloved son.
"Say, Mom! Who the killer is actually the father and kaka Thighs? Limonu ready to avenge the death of their "urged Limonu.
Finally, the Empress Ohohiya also told that the person who had killed his father and older brother Pak Hemuto Limonu is that at the time as squad leader of North Mainland.
"What Mom? Mr. Hemuto? "Limonu surprised," Ah, is not possible, ma'am. It is impossible Hemuto teachers who do so. He was so good and has lowered silatnya science to me. "
"But, that's reality, my son" said his mother.
Limonu really do not believe in events that have happened to his family. In his reply to a fight between the obligations of his father and his brother's death and filial duty to his master. For Limonu, the fact it is a life choice that is very difficult to set. After long reflection, she decided to keep his revenge despite having to deal with the teacher himself.
Limonu a young man whose cunning and wise. He would avenge the death of his father in his own way without having rebellious against his teacher. He just wants to live in peace together with the surrounding population and also defend those who are weak. With this pretext, Limonu then formed death squads and practice martial arts moves higher.
After building a strong army, Limonu held meetings with the leaders and teachers of martial arts, including teacher Hemuto, to introduce troops. At the meeting, he intends to ask directly about his father's death to Mr. Hemuto. When his turn to report about the presence of his troops, at the time also Limonu ask a question to be answered solely by Mr. Hemuto.
"Master, if a father was killed in the battle to seize power, whether a child is allowed to continue the fight to avenge the death of his father?" Asked Limonu.
Hemuto gasped in surprise. Now, he realizes that in fact is the son of King Naha Limonu who want revenge for the death of his father's Demand. Not wanting to be embarrassed by his students in front of the crowd, Hemuto replied, "If I say ... yes, what is your plan? "
Finally, Limonu challenged his teacher to carry out the fight. But, before the fight starts, he proposed two options to the teacher, which is first entered into battle with the winner entitled to control the two terms of that land. The second choice is Mr. Hemuto must submit to the Limonu territory without having to fight. Handover of power was considered by Limonu as redeemer father and his brother's death.
Finally, Mr. Hemuto choose the first requirement because he did not want to lose without a fight so that his pride does not fall in front of crowds. Then in an instant, a meeting place was turned into the arena of battle between troops and Hemuto Limonu. In that battle, and his army pressed Hemuto and fled. However, the war did not end there. One time, Hemuto and his troops again attacked and laid siege to Fort Otanaha place Limonu defense and army. However, with clever tactics, and troops ousted Limonu big rocks from the top of the hill accompanied by throwing stones at troops Hemuto. Events throwing stones in Gorontalo language called "mo dembenga botu", because when they threw stones Limonu troops shouted "Dembenga .... Dembenga timongoliyo ...!" or "Throw ...! Hit them ...!"
In the event many Hemuto troops were killed and some others ran helter-skelter since pursued while stoned by Limonu troops to the north. According to the story, where the stone throwing incident manjadi name of the village that until recently known as the Village Dembe I. Meanwhile, place the end of the stone throwing by Limonu troops in the northern area called the Village Dembe II.

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